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The Infinite Love Party: An Intentional Barefoot Dinner, Dance Party, and Sleepover

The Bushwick Starr Presents



Diana Oh Creator, Host, and Co-Creative Director
Kevin Hourigan
Co-Creative Director

The Infinite Love Party is where love is forged. A celebration of soul awakening. It's where play breeds change. It's where queer magic can do its healing. For All People. A celebration of the outskirts. A celebration of Queerness and our Allies. A celebration of POC and our Allies. A space for bare humanity to exist- where we will leave kinder and more open, more connected to our purpose, our bodies, and our hearts. A celebration of liberated selves. A celebration of liberated love. AN INFINITE LOVE PARTY!

Bushwick Starr
January 11th-February 2nd, 2019

Produced in association with Experimental Bitch Presents

Super Queero Heart Questers: Bloom Davis, Shelley Fort, Leland Fowler, Kevin Hourigan, Mariah MacCarthy, Bryce Nice, Nessa Norich, Diana Oh, and DJ Nessoono

With guests agreeing at the outset to “practice consent and ask before touching people or things” — this is in the contract written on a wooden pillar that each person signs with a candy-colored thumbprint — it felt like a safe space in the least rigid sense of the term: a place where the agenda was the joyous freedom to be yourself, whatever pronouns you use.
New York Times
Some might say that Diana is creating a refuge from the outside world where we can forget that it even exists – but it seems to me that rather than selling opium, she’s creating a party where we can recalibrate the way in which we move through our lives.

The evening includes a DOPE MOTHERF*CKER award given each night to a different person/organization who has made amazing contributions in the  realms of sex, queerness, and collective liberation, including:

January 11: The Moon Choir, a community choir for queer/trans folks and allies) for singing into our Collective Liberation

January 12: Sandy Hong and New Women Space, a vibrant and affirming community-led event space centered on gender equity, creative expression and celebration of identity

January 18: Dawn Orlando and Funkadelic Studios for their constant support of so many independent New York based musicians

January 19: Russel G. Jones and Blind Spot, an organization that facilitates Salons designed for communities seeking to achieve greater critical thinking around inclusivity

January 25: Clara Yoon and API Rainbow Parents of PFLAG NYC for envisioning a world where  diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and  affirmed inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and  gender expression

January 26: Rej Joo and the First National KQTCON Organizing Committee (Korean Queer and Trans Conference)

January 29: Kimberly Mckenzie and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project

January 31: Shy Richardson & El Puente

February 1: Francisco Ramirez for his relentless pursuit in providing accessible sex advice and education to the world

February 2: Poppy Liu & Amanda Madden of Collective Sex, a critically diverse creative space  that focuses on decolonizing storytelling to destigmatize stories related to sex, body, intimacy and identity