Experimental Bitch Presents (EBP) is an assembly of artists dedicated to building community and creating new and experimental work that disrupts, engages, and redefines the process of art-making and innovative content. Experimental because we embrace controversial questioning and seek out artistic forms and structures that innovate the field. Bitch because we are femme, queer, loud and proud! Presents because we center diverse bodies of work concerning contemporary feminism that encourage audiences and artists to engage in action and conversation.


By re-claiming the title of “bitch” and blowing up the barriers surrounding femininity, feminism and the hierarchies within sexuality and gender, EBP celebrates the bitch in each of you. Face your fear. Face the bitch. Love the bitch.



because we willingly put ourselves at the center of controversial questioning by seeking out forms and structures that innovate the field


because we are femme, queer, loud and proud!


We embrace and practice these guidelines to the best of our ability in all collaborations.


Be Awake

We develop and practice the empowered will, clear mind, and open heart required to wakefully, nonjudgmentally encounter both the known and the unknown with strength, softness, and curiosity.

We acknowledge that wakefulness requires wellness. We care for ourselves and each other.

Be Aware

We acknowledge that patriarchy inflicts trauma that each person carries — each of us in a unique form according to our context and personal intersection of oppression and privilege.

We practice curiosity about and appreciation of each other. We seek to continuously learn about each other, always renewing and deepening our perceptions and conceptions of each other and allowing this to strengthen our work.

We practice intersectionality. We acknowledge that the labor to be present in a room is different for every person.

Be Alternative

We practice transparency in leadership.

We prioritize, centralize, give and hold space for those most marginalized by our world — within our membership, our audiences, and artists we choose to associate with.

We refuse to be complicit in an oppressor’s pattern of abuse and seek to upend imperialist, patriarchal, cis-heteronormative, white-centered dominance.

We collectively seek out and participate in workshop and training programs to expand our understanding of how inequity works and allow for better and more equitable art practices in our company.

We actively seek to support and collaborate with like-minded, like-hearted artists, collectives, and companies whose mission aligns with our own.

Be Good

We learn, cultivate and practice deep listening, which will form the basis of all our communication within the context of our work.

We practice the assumption that our fellow members have good intent and acknowledge that conscious communication must invite a context of openness, vulnerability and trust.

We practice conscious communication that is discerning, wise, and critical, while remembering that even the most intense criticism must still hold within it compassion and the desire for greater wholeness.

We encounter conflict with compassion and a desire for understanding, healing, resolution and compromise.

We acknowledge that sometimes people with integrity can disagree and remain loving collaborators.

When conflict is born, we express ourselves with honesty and consistency. We do not let difficult, uncomfortable feelings build to breaking points before we choose to communicate them.

We cultivate an environment of forgiveness. Mistakes are essential to our artistic process. They are acknowledged and seen clearly, but not condemned.

Be Free

We acknowledge that behaving well in every single moment is very close to impossible.

We understand that in order for our work to be devoted and serious and efficacious, it must be playful.

We allow ourselves to…

have fun and be weird!