About Bitch

Bitchin' Info:

Experimental Bitch Presents is a risk-taking organization that does not play it safe.

We are proud to be a space-finding, opportunity-making, education-seeking, diverse agent. We are not perfect; we willingly put ourselves at the center of controversial questioning and forward-thinking movements in an effort to progress past the elitist academic structures which enable commercial art production.

By re-claiming the title of “bitch” and blowing up the barriers surrounding femininity, feminism and the hierarchies within sexuality and gender, EBP celebrates the bitch in each of you. Face your fear. Face the bitch. Love the bitch.

Experimental Bitch Presents is working to better understand society through creative practices. This is done first and foremost by devoting our intentions, abilities and means towards facilitating collaborations and motivating safer artistic environments. EBP recognizes the victimization of humans and works to disrupt the cycle of oppression and violence.

Since our beginnings as a living room soirée, EBP has evolved into a producing entity, a home for creativity, a current for compassion, as well as a hands- on developer of new works and ideas. At the core, EBP seeks to exemplify a passion for hard work, a determination for exposure, and empathetic understanding. EBP creates pathways for untold stories and centers on community engagement and relations across seemingly dissimilar groups.