About us:

Experimental Bitch Presents is an artist collective spanning both coasts (LA & NYC), providing production backing and artistic gifts, services and support. An inclusive community, we welcome, celebrate, and represent artists from all mediums who reflect the diversity of Mother Earth, as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class and physical ability.

We are passionate about the urgency and responsibility of the artist to confront the present!  

Our artists embrace the the necessity of feminism and safe spaces for women and queers-- FOR ALL--in art: SUPPRESSION OF WOMEN SUPPRESSES US ALL!!!!!

Furthermore, our artists encourage and incorporate the future discourse on gender in their lives and works.  

EBP was founded by Shelby Brage and Wednesday Derrico in June of 2015 in response to the rejection of women, femininity,  and feminine structures in the arts.  A network of nearly 20 artists in residence, and an assembly of over 1,000 international supporters, Experimental Bitch Presents as a collective is proud to offer production backing and artistic services and support to artists experimenting in early stages of work within the EBP umbrella.  

Outside of the EBP umbrella, we act as a production company offering full producing and elemental producing such as marketing, publicity, social media, casting and design.