Exercise Love T Shirt: "I Love You This Much"

Exercise Love T Shirt: "I Love You This Much"



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Exercise Love. For us love means respect for all citizens whether you are Black, Latino, Muslim , LGBT, Disabled, a Woman, etc. It is time for the truth of love to roar louder, fight harder and stronger so that all citizens have plain respect.

As millennials we are sick and tired of accepting hate. No matter who you voted for in the 2016 election, our goal is to spread love, however we can. For us that begins through exercise. We urge you to find ways to exercise love in your own communities as well.

We will stand or run or walk or jog in support of love, which seems lost at this moment. We will shine our light where it is dark, to unite together at this turning point in American history. We will celebrate our diversity. We will talk and listen to each other with respect. No matter which political side you are on, we are now facing a moral decision: to choose love or hate? We hope you can run with us to exercise love for all.

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