Services & Packages

EBP is built on collaboration. We offer producing packages and promotional services to artists and companies whose work aligns with the EBP mission.

These include:

  • Associate & Line Producing

  • Outreach

  • Marketing

  • Consulting

Please contact us for prices & more info.


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Want your event to be featured in the EBP newsletter? Send us your materials on the first of the month and we will feature your project in our monthly newsletter!

*$20/post, subject to approval


Bitchin' Gigs Listserve

Bitchin' Gigs gives you the opportunity to blast your job notice to our network.

Send us a breakdown of the position at least two weeks in advance and we will blast it to our vast network of artists, designers, stage managers and producers!

*$20/post, subject to approval.

*Content due on the first of the month!

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