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The Infinite Love Party: An Intentional Barefoot Dinner, Dance Party, and Sleepover

Bushwick Starr, January-February 2019

The Infinite Love Party, an intentional barefoot potluck dinner party, dance party, and sleepover is brought to you by award-winning actor / singer-songwriter / theater-maker / performing artist Diana Oh ({my lingerie play}) and co-creative director Kevin Hourigan.

This new creation heralds the next level of Diana's trademark:

"glitter bomb [of] a friendly, feel-good celebration of human beings sharing a space where it's safe for them to be themselves."- New York Times.

The Infinite Love Party is where love is forged. A celebration of soul awakening. It's where play breeds change. It's where queer magic can do its healing. For All People. A celebration of the outskirts. A celebration of Queerness and our Allies. A celebration of POC and our Allies. A space for bare humanity to exist- where we will leave kinder and more open, more connected to our purpose, our bodies, and our hearts. A celebration of liberated selves. A celebration of liberated love. AN INFINITE LOVE PARTY!

This is not a play-it's an experience.

Dance Party featuring DJ Nessuno!Aphrodisiac Tea! Barefoot Finger Painting! A limited number of sleepover tickets will be available each night-- Sleepover! Hell yeah!  BYOB (bring your own blanket) Dress Code: as loud and proud or as low and slow as you want to goParty guests are invited to bring items they no longer need to donate to The Swamp, and a dish for our potluck.  

DOPE MOTHERF*CKER award given each night to a different person/organization who has made amazing contributions in the realms of sex, queerness, and collective liberation 

Produced by Wednesday Sue Derrico and Annie Middleton.

Produced in association with Experimental Bitch Presents


*photo by Maria Baranova