Adapted / Directed by Tatiana Baccari, Edited / Directed by Wednesday Sue Derrico

Using the original text from Shakespeare's, Hamlet

July 6th & 7th, 2017 at The Connelly Theater with SheNYC Arts Festival

 Art by Alexandra Lenihan 

Art by Alexandra Lenihan 


Co-directors of HVMLET, Tatiana Baccari and Wednesday Derrico are both Brooklyn-based theater artists and frequent collaborators through their feminist theater collective, Experimental Bitch Presents.

HVMLET is an intersectional feminist adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet which premiered July 2017 at the SheNYC Summer Theater Festival in the Connelly Theater. Set in the 21st century, HVMLET uses Shakespeare’s original text to tell the story of two factions of feminism splintered by generational divides.

This Hamlet comes home from college—where she studied intersectional feminism—to find her father dead. Claudia, a stone-butch lesbian and Hamlet’s aunt, seduces Gertrude, topples the patriarchy, and steals the throne with her bra-burning feminist followers. With the help of Horatio, her genderqueer best friend, Hamlet embarks on a quest to prove Claudia’s guilt and avenge her father’s murder. Hamlet becomes unhinged as she battles the waves of pressure from her royal family against questions of her own identity, sexuality and feminism. With tension between the queer millennials and second wave lesbians building, and a country rife with internal violence, what will become of Hamlet and Denmark’s new feminist ruling class?


Blair Baker (Hamlet)
Elizabeth A. Bell (Gertrude)
Lynn Berg (Polonius/ Gravedigger)
Mark Hawkins (Ophelius)
Montana Lampert Hoover (Rosencrantz)
Will Hutcheson (Voltemand/Player King/Messenger/Captain)
Reginald Keith Jackson (Bernardo/ Fortinbras)
Artrece Johnson (Marcella/Player Luciana/ Osric)
Kevin Kuhlke (Voice of the Ghost)
Jackie Maruschak (Claudia)
lio mehiel (Horatio)
Shannon Spangler (Lead Player/Cornelia/Doctor of Divinity)
Rachel Whiteman (Guildenstern)
Kristin Winters (Laertes)


Tatiana Baccari (Director/Adapter/ Producer)
Wednesday Derrico (Director/Editor/Producer)
Annaliese Kirby (Executive Producer)
Jenny Hickman (Associate Producer)
Zac Gobetz (Associate Producer)
Vipassana Greene (Assistant Director)
Jenn Doun (Set Designer)
Jane Chan (Lighting Designer)
Becky Abramowitz (Production Stage Manager)
Wessel Van Shaik (Assistant Stage Manager)
Grayce Toon (Producer’s Assistant/ Assistant Stage Manager)
Madeline Wall (Costume Supervisor)
Fiona Wiedermann (Costume Design)
Melodie Rosen (Costume Assistant/ Stage Crew)
Meghan O’Connor (Stage Crew)