Girl Talk


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Girl Talk follows 20-something, queer Mia. She does not know how to be close to people, especially the people she cares about the most. Mia finds herself immersed within the confines of sex and intimacy; a false dichotomy that she struggles to navigate through. Mia feels she has to challenge herself sexually in order to feel desirable and in control. In Girl Talk, we see Mia become the object of desire for one intriguing lesbian couple. As she takes this couple to bed, she soon realizes that her quest for sexual autonomy complicates her already crippled relationship to intimacy and emotional vulnerability with others. 

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Girl Talk is a personal film, one that I’ve been working on for years. It’s the first film I’ve ever written & directed that deals with my own journey within the queer community.

In our culture, we are inundated with the sexuality of women. We see this through a context of their sex appeal, rather than their own thoughts and desires. We don’t see what women fantasize about; what they want in sex, what they don’t want, how they experience pleasure. It’s not a straightforward discourse, but it’s unfortunately nearly invisible in America’s broad cinema and media consumption. I’ve always been fascinated by female sexuality and have centered my filmmaking and writing around this. In the beginning of my filmmaking career, I used to think that if I was going to make films about women, I needed all of my characters to be strong. As I continued creating and writing, I realized that I’m not the kind of director who makes films about strong female characters. Strength, as a concept, is boring to me. My characters are heavily flawed, but they have agency and complexity. They are multilayered and raw. They are not always honest with their partners or themselves, but as a director, I always strive to tell their story with candor.

In my work, I don’t necessarily want answers, but I continuously question the heteronormative, white, patriarchal definitions of relationships that we’re conditioned to accept. These contrived expectations also feed into how we internalize gay identities in media. Gay stories are diminished to center on two central issues: the coming out story or an intoxicating, doomed relationship. Where are the stories in between? I know I’m hungry for that and I strongly believe my audience is too. What it means to be gay and queer in America is constantly evolving and there’s no better way to show this than through art and storytelling.
— Erica Rose, Director

Written & Directed by: Erica Rose

Produced by: Chelsea Moore

Associate Producer/Social Media Coordinator: Celina Vicioso

Production Design by: Madeline Wall

Cinematography by: Marc Katz

Casting by: Matthew Glasner

Music by: BIRCH

Post Producer: Caitlin Stickels

Outreach Coordinator/ Background Casting Director:

Wednesday Sue Derrico, Experimental Bitch Presents

Executive Produced by: 3oC

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Project Timeline:

September 2017

Launch Seed & Spark Fundraising Campaign

Begin scouting locations & finalizing design boards

October - November 2017

Finalize casting & rehearse

Finalize and scout locations

Shot list

Logistics for production

Hard prep begins:

December 2017

Production of Girl Talk: December 8th, 9th, 10th

January - February  2018

Offline picture edit

March - April 2018

Lock picture

Color correction, sound design, music, and graphics

May 2018

Begin festival submissions

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