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  • JACK 505 1/2 Waverly ave Brooklyn, NY USA (map)

Bailey Nolan

7:30pm on Tues 5/16 - Wed 5/17 - Thurs 5/18
An interactive poetic dance play by Bailey Nolan

$25 tickets, worth every penny:

Set hundreds of years in the future, over population is maintained by selective breeding. The standard procedure when having a child includes the government, dictated by Murdyr & Powyr, ordering sterilization for children at puberty depending on family health. Draped over a landscape of pop remixes and poetic monologues, the story revolves around Mothyr, grief-stricken during her realization of having a child who is to be sterilized, and Daughtyr, a hopeful symbol of a new world order. 

The story is loosely narrated vocally by Daughtyr’s doll, Old Glory, and emotionally by an Orphyn. Each audience member is paired with a Prayer, a personal guide who aids in a modern translation of the show, cleansing the palette along the way. Four acts bookmarked by video dreams are pregnant with Irish accents, a dance battle, children singing, Brangelina references, fog, and the spirit of Christmas. A remix of the prequel play Daughtyr, NAUGHTY DAUGHTYR wails a battle cry for unity held by the generations of womyn to come. 

Daughtyr ~ Bailey Catherine Dorothea Nolan 
Mothyr ~ Peter Smith 
Orphyn ~ Ariel Ash 
Powyr ~ Viva Soudan 
Murdyr ~ Georgia Sanford 
War Pig ~ Christopher Willauer 
Old Glory & Videos ~ Ellen Donnelly 
The Future ~ Sixth Street Community Center choir
Artificial Intelligynce & Headpieces ~ Cammie Windley-Sanders 
Prayers ~ Olimpia Dior, Amanda WallaceEllen Robin, & Renee Daisy

Earlier Event: May 5